Our initial vineyard planting in 2015 was nearly 4 acres in size, contains nearly 5000 vines, and is planted to Merlot (clone 3, rootstock 101-14), Petit Verdot (clone 2, rootstock 101-14) and Cabernet Franc (FPS 11/clone 214, rootstock 101-14).

Our site's elevation is between 900 and 950 feet with a moderate slope and high relative elevation, helping to promote cold air and moisture drainage. The soils are primarily Thurmont and Braddock soil, largely consisting of gravely clay. The vines are spaced at either 3 or 4 feet, with row spacing of 7, 8, and 9 feet. The vines are trained to Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP).

In spring 2019, we added a planting of Cabernet Franc at our secondary vineyard site, along with a substantial addition to our apiary.

We have implemented two environmentally responsible vineyard practices: we transitioned to under-vine cultivation to reduce herbicide usage and promote soil health and we are using electrostatic spray technology to greatly reduce chemical usage, runoff, and spray drift. 

The Shenandoah Valley American Viticulture Area (AVA) is quickly establishing itself as Virginia's premier wine growing region. The cooler and drier climate of the Valley, coupled with suitable soils, make wine grape growing and wine production an exciting pursuit. With a location in the rolling hills near the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains, Faithbrooke has a favorable micro-climate for our vines.