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Who We Are

Meet Brian and Cathy DiPasquale! Their love story began as high school sweethearts, and now, they're the proud parents of three wonderful children – Ava, Bella, and Little Brian. Nestled in the picturesque Eastern Panhandle of WV, the DiPasquale family has made this charming locale their home.


Brian is more than just a professional in the mortgage industry; he's a dream enabler. With a passion for helping families make financial decisions and securing loans, Brian turns dreams into reality. His dedication to turning aspirations into attainable goals is a driving force behind the couple's journey.


On the other side of the dynamic duo is Cathy, a seasoned REALTOR with nearly two decades of experience. Her expertise in the real estate realm adds a valuable layer to the DiPasquale partnership. Together, Brian and Cathy have not only built a life but also cultivated a deep commitment to helping others find their own piece of happiness.


Faithbrooke Barn & Vineyards is a testament to their shared dreams and aspirations. Partnering with like-minded individuals, Brian and Cathy create a haven where memories are made and cherished. It's more than a venue; it's a canvas for life's most beautiful moments.


For the DiPasquale’s, life's milestones are not just events; they are integral chapters in their legacy. Their unwavering dedication to making happiness come true is the very foundation upon which the Faithbrooke Vision stands. Engaged couples, welcome to a space where dreams are celebrated, and love is the centerpiece – welcome to Faithbrooke Barn & Vineyards, where Brian and Cathy invite you to create lasting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Who We Are

Cort and Lisa met back in 2006 when Cort had been assigned to Lisa's bank branch to be their temporary manager.  You would think this is where their office romance blossomed, however it was quite the contrary, Lisa had decided she wasn't a fan of his and wanted no part of it.  She tried to set him up on other dates, but Cort was determined it was going to be him and Lisa dating in the end.  Finally in 2007 they started dating, got engaged on Assateague Island, on the beach in 2009 (two of Lisa's favorite things in life, the beach and horses) with a poem Cort had written for Lisa.

Obviously, she said yes, right before a large wave soaked them both! They wed on October 8, 2011, on a farm and have been enjoying the journey ever since.

Cort and Lisa both LOVE animals and have spent time volunteering at local rescues. Cort has to put a limit on how many "critters" Lisa can have *she isn't thrilled about it* but currently they share their love with 2 cats and 2 dogs.

Their son Taylor is 23 and is off traveling  and enjoying his life with his beautiful fiancé, Aspen, and they plan to get married in 2025.

Cort is a business consultant by day with a background in finance. Lisa is passionate about her career in Chiropractic as a Chiropractic Assistant, office manager and x-ray tech. Both Lisa and Cort take care of people throughout the week to assure they keep pushing towards a healthy, positive, successful life. 


As of October, they were excited to add business owner of Faithbrooke Barn and Vineyards to their resume.  They are enjoying their new role immensely because of their passion for love, service, nature, business, and customer service and cannot wait to see what the future holds for Faithbrooke. 

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Who We Are

Steve and Tiffany’s story is very different from other people’s love story. There’s occurred prior to the war on terrorism after a blind date by mutual friends.  They got engaged a month before 911 occurred and had to push-up their wedding date as Steve was called to active duty. 


Twenty-two years later, Steve and Tiffany have two sons Paul 19 and Patrick 16.  Steve is a retired Army veteran jumpmaster and government contractor supporting Headquarters, Department of the Army in the National Capital Region.  He also supports the veterans committee at the Elks Lodge in Winchester, Virginia.  Tiffany is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years’ experience in the health care community where she assisted many patients providing care and especially to Steve with his multiple surgeries.


This past October, Steve, Tiffany, and partners purchased Faithbrooke Barn and Vineyards.  They are excited to take part in such a grand wedding venue at Faithbrooke and to be part of couple’s weddings as they celebrate new beginnings and adventures through marriage.  Steve and Tiffany are very upbeat in what the future will store as we welcome new friends and couples at Faithbrooke in Luray, VA. 

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